We take pride in honest work and value our reputation, which is how we approach every customer. For those who need specific guidelines, please read on.

Please note that we do not accept any items containing bio-hazardous materials such as blood,vomit, or human excrement. We may also decline services for high-value, fragile, or illegal items.

We appreciate your understanding of our limitations.



Regarding Charges:

  1. The cleaning fee for each pair of shoes or bag will be determined based on size, material, and level of stains, which will be confirmed with the customer before the service.
  2. For service charges below $1000, payment is required before the service starts, and the service time frame will begin from the payment date.


Liability Disclaimer:

While we will make every effort to protect customers’ items, we are not responsible for pre-existing wear or damage. We advise customers to inspect the item’s condition before submission and confirm with our staff.


Privacy Disclosure:

We will strictly safeguard the personal information and item privacy of our customers. We will not disclose any information to third parties.


Shoe and Bag Cleaning Disclaimers:

  1. We will do our best to clean your items, but we cannot guarantee complete all the stain removal.
  2. Shrinkage of materials is unpredictable and may occur rarely.
  3. Slight changes in color or surface are possible on all materials.
  4. Insect bites and scars on leather, previously covered by manufacturers, may become visible after cleaning.
  5. Cleaning may cause slight bleeding in materials, leading to minor color changes.
  6. Cleaning leather may result in darker areas on scuffed leather.



Regarding Storage:

All items must be picked up within 30 days after completion; otherwise, a storage fee of NZD 5 per day will apply. After 6 months from repair completion, unclaimed items will be considered forfeited and may be sold or donated at our discretion, regardless of any outstanding balance.

The only exceptions are hospitalization, death, or acts of nature, in which case we may partially waive the fees. Other than that, there are no further exceptions.

All repairs or cleaning, once agreed upon (whether verbally or in writing), are considered contracts. If a customer wants to cancel a repair or cleaning, a fee of NZD 20 will apply. No exceptions! Once work has commenced (even if teardown has started), cancellations will not be allowed.



Item Loss:

If an item is lost due to our negligence, we will provide appropriate compensation based on its original value.



Item Damage:

If an item is damaged due to our negligence, we will take responsibility and offer compensation up to four times the total cleaning or repair fees already charged, depending on the extent of the damage.



Pick-Up and Delivery Service:

Free pick-up and delivery service is only available every Monday afternoon from 12 pm to 5 pm in the Auckland City and North Shore areas.

If a customer fails to place the shoes for cleaning at the designated location or is absent during delivery, we reserve the right to discontinue the free pick-up and delivery service.

Unforeseen circumstances: Due to uncontrollable factors such as traffic or weather conditions, pick-up and delivery service may experience delays or cancellations. In such cases, we will make every effort to communicate with you and resolve any issues promptly.

Urgent services do not apply to the free pick-up and delivery service; please visit the store to pick up your shoes.